Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girls Girls Girls

This picture was taken after our easter trip to cape Breton i bought the girls all matching dresses at a store called please mom there all growing fast ...

Destiny is growing way too fast!!!

Jazlyn's fat eye

Yesterday Jazlyn had a full day outside in the sun playing on the water slide and trampoline she got a few bug bits on her legs not too bad thou she went to bed fairly early but when she woke up her eye was swollen i first though it was pink eye but her eye was not red finally realized a bug bit her on the eye lid and now she can barley open it poor girl...

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Here you go LeeAnn...The first step in managing your very own family blog. This is a fun way to share your thoughts and day to day events with family and friends. I will help you along the way to make things easier. Have fun with your blog and enjoy!
Carrie :0)